Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching … Bringing out the best in you

Providing a confidential thinking space transforming thinking to action freeing you up to getting things done at work and at play.


Photography Capturing life as it happens…where it happens

Marvel at where urban street photography meets social portrait and event image capturing, in the name of art and a social narrative.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing … Expressing thought through words

[…] social commentaries, from non-fiction ghost-writing autobiographies to writing my very own first-time novels.



Whilst this is a great sign for society, finding the balance between what we do at work to enable us to be successful in the things that matter to us outside of work is extremely difficult. Bosses and line managers in the workplace strive to get more for less, therefore having empathy for what you do outside of the workplace will not be high on their agenda. As a result of this and many other tensions and barriers that upset the balance between working to live and living to work, often people enlist the help and support of people outside of the work environment and their immediate personal circle to help them find their way to be successful in a more rounded way. Enter the world of the Personal Coach.